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Benefits Of Using A Mobile Vet

August 15, 2023

Does your furry pal get excited when they hear the word ‘vet’? For many of you, the answer to that is likely a no. Coming to the clinic can be stressful for pets! All the strange smells and sounds can make Fido and Fluffy feel quite uneasy. For cats, there’s also the added stress of the car ride. This is one reason many people are opting for mobile vets. However, it isn’t the only reason! Read on as a local Yorkville, IL vet lists some of the key benefits of having your vet that visit you.

Less Schedule Disruptions

Many of us are always on the go these days, juggling jobs, families, social events, and other obligations. Having your veterinarian come to you allows you the opportunity to spend more of your time at home and less of it running around.

Easier For Multiples

Do you have more than one furry friend? You may find home visits are much easier for you. You won’t have to book multiple appointments or deal with the hassle of getting all of your animal companions ready for travel at the same time.

No Corralling Your Furry Friends

It’s not always easy getting Fido and Fluffy to the vet. Many of our feline friends tend to bolt for their favorite hiding spots the second they spot their travel crates. A mobile vet can spare you the hassle of getting your cat out from under the bed. (Note: you may still need to take steps to contain her, such as closing bedroom doors.)

Keeping A Pet Comfortable

This is a big one. We understand that pets are always going to be more comfortable in their own domains. This is particularly important for older animals, and those with chronic pain. For some of our furry patients, even being picked up can cause discomfort!

A Dignified Farewell

This last reason may be bittersweet. It’s never easy to realize that the time has come for a beloved furry friend to cross over the Rainbow Bridge. Unfortunately, that moment is inevitable for all pet owners. That said, giving your pet the chance to close their eyes while feeling comfortable and loved in their own home can make the experience much less traumatic for both of you.

Do you have questions about our mobile service? Please contact us, your local Yorkville, IL animal clinic, today!

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