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Puppyproofing Tips

September 1, 2023

September is Responsible Dog Ownership Month. Adopting a puppy is a huge responsibility. You’re making a lifelong commitment, and promising to take good care of little Fido until the end of his days. That starts with providing a safe environment. A local Yorkville, IL vet offers some advice on puppyproofing in this article. 

Toxic Plants

Plants are one of the biggest potential hazards. While some may only give little Fido  an upset tummy, others can be deadly if ingested. Even non-toxic plants, such as roses, can cause injuries because of the thorns. Check the ASPCA site here for a full list.

Small/Sharp Objects

Anything small or sharp should be kept well away from those cute little paws. That includes things like craft kit pieces, buttons, beads, coins, nails, crayons … the list goes on. 

Wires And Cords

Anything stringy or ropy has the potential to cause serious internal damage if ingested. That includes things like rubber bands, hair ties, string, wires and cords, and fishing line.

Personal Items

Fido has definitely chewed up his share of shoes and purses. Store personal objects in closets or in high spots that your furry pal can’t get to.

Household Products 

Did you know that the average household may contain as many as 400 different chemicals? The list of products that are dangerous to dogs includes automotive products, cleaning products, detergents, drain openers, paint, turpentine, and de-icing products, to name a few. Keep these in secure cabinets.

Lawn And Garden

Fertilizer, pesticides, and rodenticides are just as dangerous to dogs as they are to unwanted invaders. Slug bait is one that is particularly dangerous. Little Fido can ingest these chemicals just by walking through spots that have been treated, and then licking his paws. 


Human medicines are a major cause of pet poison incidents. Keep all drugs—both OTC and prescribed—out of paws’ reach! 

Gates and Fences 

Do you have a yard for your furry friend? Check for toxic plants, and remove any potential hazards, such as pieces of litter or small toys. 

Other Hazards

Do you have a pool or fireplace? Block them—and any other dangerous areas—off with gates or grates. (Tip: baby gates work well for this.) 


Puppyproofing should go hand in hand—or hand in paw—with proper training. Offer little Fido lots of chew toys, and reward him for using those, rather than your shoes. 

Do you have questions about puppy care? Please reach out to us, your Yorkville, IL animal clinic, anytime!

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