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And Meow, A Word On Fluffy Cats

August 1, 2023

Is your feline pal sporting a long, fluffy coat? While we think all kitties are completely adorable, fluffy cats are purrticularly charming. They’re also almost ridiculously adorable as kittens. While Fluffy will have the same basic care needs as other cats, she will need some extra help with her beauty regimen. A local Yorkville, IL veterinarian discusses caring for longhaired kitties below.


Cats are very clean: Fluffy will dutifully take time out from her 32 daily naps to carefully groom her fur. Help her out by brushing gently. Wait until she’s feeling relaxed, and gently pet her, then incorporate the brush. Once she starts to fidget, just let her go. Don’t force her to submit if she doesn’t want to. That may just get you scratched!


It can be harder to tell if Fluffy is overweight if she’s, well, fluffy. Some longhaired breeds, such as the Maine Coon and their cousin, the Norwegian Forest Cat, are quite large to begin with. For a quick check, try to feel your feline friend’s ribs. If they’re sticking out, she’s too thin. If you can just feel them, she’s likely close to her ideal weight. If you can’t find them beneath your cute pet’s fat … you probably have a little butterball on your hands. However, your vet is going to be the ultimate authority on this.


Hairballs are no fun for either you or your furry friend. However, they’re more than an unpleasant nuisance. Occasionally, they can get lodged in a cat’s intestinal tract. This is extremely dangerous, and can even be life-threatening. A good diet will go a long way towards keeping Fluffy’s coat healthy. That reduces dead hair, which in turn reduces hairballs. Your vet may also recommend a hairball preventative.


Many people think that longhaired cats shed more than kitties with short coats. That actually isn’t the case: it’s the thickness of Fluffy’s coat, rather than the length, that makes the biggest difference. Your feline buddy’s lifestyle also comes into play. Cats that are allowed to go out tend to shed more than indoor cats. Why? It’s because they are more exposed to seasonal weather changes. That all said, vacuuming regularly is the best way to stay on top of all that fur.

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