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Senior Dog Care

February 1, 2023

Is your canine pal in his golden years? Dogs don’t age at the same rate: big dogs age fastest, with some giant breeds becoming seniors as early as age six. Toy breeds, in comparison, may not be official seniors until they are ten or even older. A local Lasalle County, IL vet offers some senior dog care tips in this article.

Keep Fido Fit

Just like people, dogs tend to slow down as they get older. Fido won’t have as much energy or stamina as a puppy, but he still needs some activity, even if it’s just a daily walk. Otherwise, your pup may become obese, which can lead to a whole slew of health problems.

Offer Doggy Comforts

Small luxuries can sometimes make a big difference. Make sure Fido has a good bed! Orthopedic beds are generally the best bet for older dogs.

Make Small Adjustments

Over time, you may notice your pup having trouble climbing stairs or getting in and out of cars. Pet ramps can help keep your canine buddy get around more easily. If Fido experiences a loss in his sight or hearing, you can take steps to make your home safer and more comfortable for him. A blind dog may appreciate carpet runners to help him get around, while a pooch that can’t hear can be taught to come to a flashlight being waved.

Provide Proper Veterinary Care

As your furry pal ages, you’ll need to keep a close eye on his health. Your vet may recommend bringing him in more often. At home, watch for signs of sickness, such as limping, weight loss, reduced appetite, vomiting, diarrhea. Contact your vet immediately if you notice anything amiss. 


Fido may experience many of the same things older people do, such as incontinence. These changes can be frightening and confusing to your canine friend. Don’t punish him for accidents: that will just make him feel sad and embarrassed. You can get a waterproof cover for his bed. This is also something you want to talk to your vet about. 


Make sure that your canine companion feels loved and safe. Dogs in their senior years often become very sweet and affectionate. They are also heartmeltingly cute! Savor this special time with your furry best friend! 

As your Lasalle County, IL animal clinic, we are dedicated to offering top-notch care. Please contact us anytime!

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