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OncoK9 – Cancer Screening

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OncoK9 – Cancer Screening
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Early Detection K9 Cancer Screenings Help Your Pet Live Longer

When pets begin demonstrating signs and symptoms of cancer, treatment is often long and difficult, similar to humans, but with less chance of survival. Early detection canine cancer screenings with OncoK9® is the best way to catch cancer and address it before the condition becomes terminal. 

Cancer in our Four-Legged Friends

Cancer is among the most common medical conditions that can affect companion animals. And while certain breeds may be more genetically predisposed to developing cancer, it’s a disease that can affect just about any pet at any time. The key to a positive outcome is early and accurate diagnosis. Safford Veterinary Services, your house call vet near Minooka, IL, is pleased to offer OncoK9®, a multi-cancer early detection (MCED) test that works via a simple blood draw.

In human medicine, there are a number of methods used to screen for cancer before clinical signs emerge. This enables early detection, which can dramatically improve outcomes and long-term prognosis. Until recently, however, veterinary medicine lacked the ability to screen for and detect the signs of cancer early. OncoK9® liquid biopsy testing has changed this, enabling Dr. Lauri, your house call veterinarian near Minooka, IL, to diagnose cancer early, when treatment can be much more effective.

What is OncoK9®?

A recent study conducted by PetDx®, maker of OncoK9®, revealed that cancer was detected by the current standard of care in just 4% of dogs. Conversely, of the 350 dogs tested, the liquid biopsy screening test successfully detected cancer in about half of the dogs with the preclinical disease. Furthermore, studies have also proven that OncoK9® is capable of detecting up to 30 different types of cancer, all with one simple blood draw.

Several types of cancers that may be detected at your Minooka, IL area appointment are:

  • Lymphoma
  • Hemangiosarcoma
  • Osteosarcoma
  • Soft Tissue Sarcoma
  • Carcinoma
  • Anal Sac Adenocarcinoma
  • Mammary Gland Carcinoma
  • Mast Cell Tumor
  • Malignant Melanoma

What is the Process?

Safford Veterinary Services is your local house call veterinarian near Minooka, IL! We have everything on hand to provide your Minooka, IL area home with the convenience of basic veterinary care. Lucky for you, this includes laboratory diagnostics like OncoK9®! As with most at home veterinary service procedures, if you are in the Minooka, IL area and are interested in lab work, we ask that you follow these steps:

Call Dr. Lauri Near Minooka, IL

Safford Veterinary Services near Minooka, IL, is your go-to at home vet clinic for basic veterinary services such as wellness exams, vaccinations, cold laser therapy, and laboratory work. If you are interested in adding OncoK9® early detection cancer screening to your annual visit, ask about our availability in the Minooka, IL area, the costs associated, and any requirements we may have.

Schedule the Appointment

Once we’ve confirmed our availability in the Minooka, IL area, go ahead and schedule an appointment for your pet’s cancer screening. As always, this at home vet clinic near Minooka, IL eagerly awaits your appointment.

Make the Preparations

To ensure a smooth and safe visit to your Minooka, IL home, we recommend that your pet be up to date on vaccinations, clean, and, preferably, without having received their breakfast. If there are any specific questions you may have before we arrive at your Minooka, IL home, feel free to call us and we will walk you through our instructions.  

Appointment Time

Your at home veterinarian, Dr. Lauri, will arrive for your scheduled appointment time in your home near Minooka, IL. Please be sure to have your pets contained or leashed in order to allow the team to quickly get to work.

The Procedure

This brief procedure involves taking a blood sample. Some brief restraint may be required in order to hold off the blood vessel and attain the sample with a syringe. Typically, the assistant will briefly restrain your pet in the appropriate hold and Dr. Lauri, the at home veterinarian, will draw the blood sample. The procedure only takes a few moments to accomplish and causes minimal discomfort, if any, to your pet.

The Diagnosis is In. Where to Go from Here.

If your pet was unlucky enough to receive a cancer diagnosis at any stage, we would like to start by saying we are so sorry you and your pet have to go through this. Hopefully, with the help of OncoK9® at our recent Minooka, IL visit, the diagnosis was detected early and we can help you get a handle on it.

Each pet’s diagnosis and circumstances are different. So, there is no one treatment of cancer that fits each pet. However, the following are common options that some pet parents pursue after diagnosis.


Depending on the type and stage of cancer, surgical removal of the tumor may be an option. Surgery is typically used for localized tumors that haven’t spread to other parts of the body. The success of surgery depends on various factors, including the type and location of the tumor. 

Radiation therapy

This treatment involves using high-energy radiation to target and kill cancer cells. It’s often used when surgery is not feasible or to complement surgical removal by eliminating remaining cancer cells. Radiation therapy may require multiple sessions and is usually administered by a board-certified specialist. If interested, let us know and we will provide you with recommendations within the Minooka, IL area.


This treatment involves using drugs to kill cancer cells or slow down their growth. Chemotherapy is often administered intravenously or orally and may have some side effects. It is commonly used when cancer has spread or is in multiple locations. Veterinary oncologists can recommend specific chemotherapy protocols tailored to your pet’s condition.


This approach involves stimulating the body’s immune system to recognize and attack cancer cells. Immunotherapy can help enhance the pet’s immune response against cancer and may be used in combination with other treatments.

Palliative care 

In cases where a cure is not possible, the focus may shift to palliative, or hospice, care. Dr. Lauri with Safford Veterinary Services near Minooka, IL, will visit your home to treat your ailing pet. Pain management, dietary adjustments, cold laser therapy, and other services will be discussed during your Minooka, IL at home vet clinic visit if necessary.

Longer Life is at Your Minooka, IL Pet’s Disposal

Dr. Lauri Safford’s passion for animals has been abundant her whole life. So much so that she started her career as a Certified Veterinary Technician and further pursued her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. In 2013, Dr. Lauri graduated from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine and jumped right into building her Minooka, IL area business.

If you are in the area of Minooka, IL, you are lucky enough to be in the service area of a compassionate team providing the convenience of at home veterinary services to your beloved pets. Dr. Lauri opened Safford Veterinary Services in the Minooka, IL area because she saw the growing need for at home veterinary care. She currently employs an incredible team of animal lovers to help her manage the business and now serves several areas near Minooka, IL!

A cancer diagnosis doesn’t have to be devastating – especially when that diagnosis can be reached before clinical signs begin to emerge. With OncoK9® liquid biopsy, your Minooka, IL area pets can stay a step ahead of cancer and put your beloved pet in a much better position to beat the disease once and for all. If you’d like more information or to schedule an OncoK9® test for your four-legged family member near Minooka, IL, contact Safford Veterinary Services at 331-212-0836 or visit the website now!

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