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Kitty Fitness Tips

May 15, 2023

Is your feline buddy sleeping right now? There’s a pretty good chance that she is. Fluffy definitely takes her beauty rest seriously! This is of course adorable, and it does make kitties easy to care for. However, it also makes it easy for them to get out of shape, especially as they age. Here, a Lasalle County, IL vet offers some advice on keeping your furry friend fit.


Playing is of course Fluffy’s favorite workout. Take a few minutes a day to hold a laser pointer or wand toy for your furball to chase after. Remote-controlled toys and smart toys are great for interactive play!


It’s also important for your feline friend to have things she can play with when you’re away. Try offering Fluffy different things, and see what she  likes best. Just don’t leave string toys out when you aren’t there: you don’t want your playful pet getting entangled.

Kitty Furniture

Many pieces of cat furniture can also double as exercise equipment. Cat towers are a great option, as they encourage kitties to jump and climb. You can also get Fluffy an exercise wheel. These are basically bigger versions of the ones you would see in pocket pet cages. (Your furball may just decide to nap on hers, but that’s another topic.) If you want to go all out—or perhaps all in—install cat shelves or a catwalk.


Did you know that some kitties enjoy being walked on leashes? Our feline pals are definitely not unanimous on this one: many furballs are homebodies who prefer to stay inside. That said, if your cat is the adventurous type, give it a try! Ask your vet for advice on choosing Fluffy’s gear and training her.


We may joke about cats being coldhearted and aloof, but many kitties are actually super affectionate cuddlebugs. You may find your furry little shadow likes to follow you around, or perhaps tries to lend a helping paw as you’re changing sheets. Stalking and silliness still counts as exercise!


This one isn’t a universal recommendation: adopting a cat is a lifelong commitment! Think long and hard before proceeding. That said, if Fluffy is still young and frisky, she may enjoy having a playmate to chase around and snuggle up with.

Do you have questions about your cat’s health or care? Call us, your Lasalle County, IL pet clinic, today!

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