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Benefits of House Calls

December 22, 2022

Did you know that house calls have been growing in popularity in recent years? There’s a good reason for this. Having your vet come to you can be beneficial for both you and your furry friend. Here, a Grundy, IL vet lists some benefits of house calls.

No Transportation Woes

It’s not always easy getting pets into the car, especially if they aren’t feeling well. Large dogs and senior pets can be particularly difficult to transport. Getting more than one pet to the clinic can also be a hassle. There’s also the fact that most of our feline patients absolutely hate car rides. In fact, most cats get more upset about the drive than the appointment itself! Another bonus? You’ll save some gas and spare your vehicle a bit of wear and tear.


Having your vet come to you is also simply more convenient. If you work at home, are a stay-at- home parent, and/or just have a busy schedule, carving time out to drive somewhere can get tricky. You won’t have to sit in the parking lot or waiting room.


Another benefit of house calls is the fact that it can provide veterinarians with some key insight about your four-legged pal’s health, care, and behavior. For instinct, you can show your vet your furry buddy’s food, treats, or shampoos. That insight can be invaluable! 


Pets are always most comfortable in their own domains. Keeping Fluffy and Fido calm and content can be very beneficial for both them and their veterinarian. Relaxed pets are much easier (and often safer) to examine than nervous ones! Your four-legged pal will only notice a minimal interruption to their daily napping routine, and will be spared the stress of the clinic, with all its strange smells and sounds. 

Dignified End

Nobody wants to think of saying goodbye to their beloved furry companions, but that heartbreaking moment is something all pet owners eventually face. Letting Fido and Fluffy peacefully slip away in their own home, surrounded by their loved ones, is much easier on them than traveling to a clinic. And while it may not make saying goodbye less painful for you, you may find peace in knowing you gave your four-legged friend a comfortable and dignified end.

Our Advice on Benefits of House Calls in 2024

Are there any limitations to the types of veterinary services that can be provided during a house call?

House calls offer many veterinary services, but there are limitations. Routine exams, vaccinations, and minor treatments are easily managed at home. However, complex surgeries, advanced diagnostic tests, and emergency care often require specialized equipment and sterile environments found only in clinics. Additionally, some conditions may need immediate access to comprehensive facilities for optimal treatment. While house calls are convenient and reduce stress for pets, they are best suited for general care and minor procedures. For more serious medical needs, visiting a fully equipped veterinary clinic is essential.

How do the costs of house calls compare to traditional clinic visits?

The costs of house calls are typically higher than traditional clinic visits due to the added convenience and travel time for the veterinarian. This premium covers personalized care in the pet’s home environment, which can reduce stress and improve the quality of the visit. While basic services like vaccinations and check-ups may incur a modest additional fee, the overall expense can be offset by savings in time, transportation costs, and reduced stress for both pets and owners. Discussing specific fees with the veterinarian beforehand ensures clarity on the cost differences.

Are there any specific health conditions or situations where a house call would be particularly beneficial or even necessary?

House calls are particularly beneficial for pets with mobility issues, severe anxiety, or chronic conditions that make transportation difficult. They are also ideal for senior pets, large breeds, and multi-pet households, where clinic visits can be stressful and logistically challenging. Additionally, house calls provide a compassionate option for end-of-life care, allowing pets to remain in a familiar, comforting environment during their final moments. For pets requiring routine check-ups, vaccinations, or minor treatments, house calls offer convenience and reduce stress, making veterinary care more accessible and comfortable.

Are there any potential drawbacks to relying solely on house calls for veterinary care?

Relying solely on house calls for veterinary care has potential drawbacks. Complex surgeries, advanced diagnostics, and emergency treatments often require specialized equipment and sterile environments found only in clinics. House calls might also limit the availability of immediate, comprehensive care in urgent situations. Additionally, the higher cost of home visits may not be sustainable for all pet owners. While house calls are convenient and reduce stress for routine care, they should complement, not replace, traditional clinic visits to ensure pets receive the full spectrum of veterinary services.

Are there any additional safety considerations for veterinarians who perform house calls?

Veterinarians performing house calls must consider several safety factors. Ensuring a secure environment is crucial; pets should be restrained or confined to prevent bites or scratches. Familiarity with the home’s layout helps avoid hazards such as aggressive animals or unsafe areas. Additionally, veterinarians should carry a well-stocked medical kit for emergencies and have a reliable means of communication. They should also inform their clinic or a colleague about their location and schedule. These precautions ensure the safety of both the veterinarian and the pet during the visit.

Do you want to learn more about housecalls? Please feel free to contact us, your Grundy, IL animal clinic, today!

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