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5 Things You Learn When You Adopt A Rescue Cat 

March 15, 2023

March is Adopt A Rescue Cat Month. We’re all on board with this awareness event. Many of our patients are rescue cats that are now living their best nine lives as pampered pets! As it turns out, giving that one special furball a loving home can be a beautiful and transformative experience for both you and your feline buddy. A local Lasalle County, IL vet lists some things that you learn when you take in a homeless kitty in this article.

Cats Are All Unique

Whether you’ve had kitties your entire life, or are just now delving into the fun and insert of being owned by a furball, one thing is certain: your feline pal will have her own unique personality, and will be very different from any other cat you’ve had. It’s always fun getting to know a new cat. Maybe your new pet has an obsession with shredding toilet paper, or loves getting belly rubs. 

Helping Animals Feels Great

Many people insist that the pets they have rescued have actually helped them in turn. It truly does feel wonderful to help a sweet kitty in need, and know that you’ve made a difference in her life. Fluffy’s love and friendship can be very comforting, which is especially helpful for anyone battling anxiety, loneliness, or depression.

Kitties Know Who’s Helped Them

Don’t be surprised if your new pet soon decides that you are the best thing since sliced bread. Cats tend to be very adoring and appreciative of those who have been kind to them. That special bond of love, trust, and appreciation that grows between kitties and their caretakers is truly special.

Cats Are Adorable

Kitties’ furry faces, loving purrs, and playful antics are truly unique charms. Our feline buddies really never stop warming our hearts. Fluffy is bound to keep you smiling with her silly antics and lovable quirks! 

Love Changes Everything

One of the truly amazing things about our furry friends is their ability to provide us with unconditional love and friendship. Cats may be confusing, but there’s no mistaking their head bonks and snuggles for anything other than love. (Fluffy’s habit of offering love bites can be purrplexing, but that’s another topic.)

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? We can help! Contact us, your local Lasalle County, IL animal clinic, today!

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